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No Double Brokering

We feel the pain of brokers on double brokered loads, for this important reason we strictly work on specific carrier’s behalf as independent dispatchers. We only book loads for drivers for which we provided all docs.


We provide service to multiple companies and owner operators, but each of our dispatchers is assigned to a specific client. We take transparency very seriously and guarantee same carrier to haul your booked load

Consistent Communications

We have the ability to track the location of our carrier clients and provide real time load updates. The broker-carrier relationship is important and  our office works 24/7 to proactively provide honest updates on the behalf of carriers


By cutting carrier’s overhead cost they will be more flexible setting freight haul prices, which in return will benefit you without any loss of carrier’s performance. Result, satisfied both sides that takes to move a load.

Pool of Carrier Clients

We are the leading provider of dispatch services and take pride at our trustworthy performance with our 150+ Trucks.

Ability to Fill Dedicated Lane

Once our shipper and freight broker partners have dedicated lanes, we’re able to recruit carriers to fill those lanes immediately.


When we book a load with a broker, we solely represent the carrier we disclose in our conversation and all paperwork is completed as administrative task on the carrier’s behalf. All our dispatchers are assigned to specific carriers. We are never in the position of choosing to assign a load to one carrier instead of another and negotiated load payments do not flow through our operations but rather paid directly to carrier we represent, thus we are merely service providers to carriers. We do not classify ourselves as broker, but follow the best work ethics for brokers in regards to continuous business relationship. We strive to keep this industry professional and help drivers stay safe. 


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