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Cloud Based Truck Dispatch

With the industry moving quickly towards a more technological and paperless communication, our InnoPortal is already the industry benchmark. Are you an owner of a dispatch company and are looking to modernize your system and provide your carriers with a cutting edge dispatch software designed to make life easier on both? Are you a carrier looking to have a more consistent form of communication with your dispatch company?

Get Dispatch Service at 4% Per Load

Dedicated Dispatcher | 24x7 Support | Free Billing & Invoice Support

• Cloud-based document storage. No more searching through emails for rate confirmations and BOLs
• Broker check calls reduced significantly with instant load notifications.
• Instant notification to broker, dispatcher, and fleet owner once a load is complete and documents available immediately in PDF format. No more requesting PODs!
• Seamless staff reporting and benchmarking.
• Invoicing and payroll are a breeze with automation built right in.
• Alert system warns when loads are booked outside of predetermined parameters (low rate, etc.)
• Plus many more features in this one of a kind platform designed to bridge the gap in trucking!