Dispatch Service

MetroMax Dispatch is one of the top dispatch companies in North America. We are specialized in booking loads with highest paying rate. We also help small trucking companies to scale up their business. We have direct connections with reputed shippers and brokers. Our dispatchers have experience in identifying and negotiating best rates for you. We don’t work with contract basis and there is no forced dispatch.


Dry Van, Reefer and Flatbed

  • We specialize in dispatching Dry Van, Reefer, and Flatbed with brand new MC Authority. We have extensive contacts with brokers who specialize in Fresh MCs, and we can help you get started.
  • Trailer 2011 and above
  • We will need Swing doors

Power Only

  • We work with minimum 6 months old active MC Authority for Power Only.
  • You will need to Trailer Interchange or non owned insurance.
  • T & C apply.

Box Truck

  • We work with Medium Duty Box Trucks (22ft, 24ft & 26ft)
  • We will need at least 6 months old active MC Authority.
  • The carrier should be registered with Amazon Relay load board as well. We have other load boards too in addition to Amazon Relay Board to get you access to the best load.
  • T & C apply.